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6 6 The Rules
by Kenren
Mar 27, 2020 19:12:17 GMT -5
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1 1 Staff Requests
by Kenren
Mar 25, 2021 20:52:09 GMT -5
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3 4 Tables for Promise <3
by Gingy
Apr 30, 2021 4:06:14 GMT -5
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1 3 The Shop List
by Kenren
Apr 22, 2021 9:44:01 GMT -5
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10 36 High King and Queen Auditions
by Kenren
May 9, 2021 19:48:27 GMT -5

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27 54 Rowena
by -| Susy |-
May 29, 2021 14:24:04 GMT -5
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13 46 Susy's Sensational Souls
by -| Susy |-
May 29, 2021 13:07:43 GMT -5
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2 2 Dice Rolls
by Kenren
Mar 29, 2020 17:29:35 GMT -5

The Plains

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No New Posts The Wandering Place

For as long as anyone can remember, the center of the plains - the center of the land overall - has been called The Wandering Place. Regardless of where one was born on Centauri, those looking for a home are often found here. The tall grasses and scattered trees are optimal to protect the inhabitants from the elements and from the odd predator.

2 8 a confusing tragedy - susy
by -| Susy |-
May 22, 2021 13:51:24 GMT -5
No New Posts Long Lake

On the eastern side of the Plains sits a narrow lake that stretches north to south. It is a picturesque site, and has always been considered a common place for anyone to enjoy. Small bands of horses that don't belong to a herd often find this lake a peaceful place to live. Predators occasionally claim this area as their own, however, so care must be taken.

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No New Posts The Crater

Ceremonial battles, and those needing to take place on neutral ground, can happen here. The crater is barren, and the rocky walls are scarred from battles past.

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No New Posts The Ice Fields

Biting winds and subzero temperatures characterize this, the furthest north habitable land on the continent. Sheets of ice stretch as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by thickets of winter-hardy, edible vines that grow straight through the ice from the water below. These are the main staple of those that choose to make this land their home. Beware the shotgun crack of ice in the summer, as that is by far the most dangerous time of year! Polar bears serve as natural predators on the fields.


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No New Posts Blue Marsh - Nokturni Herd

The Blue Marsh is an ethereal place south of the ice fields, characterized by bioluminescent blue algae that glows brightly in the dark hours. Most of the area is fetlock-deep water, though there are dry areas that are mostly used for sleeping. The most flavorful plants grow in the water, though have caution - the luminescent algae, which looks normal by day, is poisonous when consumed.

High King:
High Queen: Bazil Rayne

3 7 The Sunsets New Dawn (Seph)
by Sephora
Apr 20, 2021 18:21:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Starlight Coast

West of the Blue Marsh, the wetlands give way to sandy coastal grasses and beautiful white beaches. The Western Ocean laps against the shore, more often than not filled with chunks of slushy blue ice that build up in the winter. Only in the summer is the water tolerable for more than a few minutes. Predators are scarce in these waters, though the bitter grasses and cold temperatures bring their own challenges. Fresh water can only be found at the border with the Blue Marsh. This is one of the most beautiful lands on the continent with its picturesque night skies.


1 1 Star Gazing
by Sephora
May 19, 2021 20:08:57 GMT -5


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No New Posts Misty Meadows - Lunari Herd

As the name would imply, Misty Meadows is nearly always covered with anything from a fine mist to a dense fog. In certain times of summer, the sun is strong enough to completely burn off the moisture, revealing a lovely grassland full of wildflowers and wildlife. Though generally thought to be a safe place, it is easy to get lost when the mist is at its thickest.

High King: Aphelios
High Queen: Mnemosyne

2 7 Lyre on the wind [Open]
by > P r o m i s e <
May 7, 2021 12:52:23 GMT -5
No New Posts Flamestone Cliffs

The Flamestone Cliffs stretch down the eastern shore of the continent, topped by lush grasses and wildflowers that grow well in the red soil. The cliffs drop hundreds of feet straight down to an unforgiving Eastern Ocean, housing a large variety of colorful seabirds that nest in the rocks. The morning sun hits the cliffs as it rises over the water, giving the red rocks a glow like fire until the sun rises in the sky.


1 1 Changing Tides
by Sephora
May 19, 2021 20:05:01 GMT -5
No New Posts Obsidian Flats

The obsidian flats are the border with the Eastern Sea, but instead of sporting lush beaches, this area has flat, slick, treacherous sheets of obsidian rock. The waves lap over the edge, gentle on nice days but incredibly dangerous during a storm - it would be all too easy to be swept away without any traction. Food is scarce here, though there are edible mosses that grow on the surface of the rock. The landscape here is flat, making it look like a vast, black lake. While there is little protection from predators here, there are hidden caves and holes down beneath the rocks that are safe havens for those that know where to find them.


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No New Posts The Ancient Forest - Aureum Herd

The western edge of the plains gives rise to an ancient wood, as old as any stories passed down can remember. The trees are massive, reaching hundreds of feet into the air, and some of the oldest are several horse lengths in diameter. Most of the limbs grow across the canopy, leaving modest ferns and grasses to blanket the forest floor.

High King: Oriole
High Queen:

3 10 An Unkindness [Luna Azul]
by marzanna
May 2, 2021 1:17:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Volstok Mountains

This section of the southern mountains creeps across the water to become the boundary between the ancient forest and the rest of the peninsula. More rounded than the mountains further south, these are also more green than rocky. It is the secluded type of equine that has traditionally lived here, and in the past there have been skirmishes between those of the peninsula and the herds of the Volstok Mountains due to travel between the lands.


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No New Posts The Peninsula

The peninsula itself is a rather rocky land, though the coast as it reaches the sea is lush and fertile. This is where most of the inhabitants live their lives, sometimes never even leaving this place of their birth to travel into the mountains and beyond. This is a large land, capable of housing many equines, though care should be given to the floods that occasionally come from the mountains and wash toward the sea.

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No New Posts Sekhet Desert

As one reaches the southern edge of the plains, the landscape gives way to less and less vegetation. When prickly bushes and a lack of water becomes apparent over sandy soil, one knows they have reached the Sekhet Desert. While there are hardy grasses that will grow here, they are generally unpleasant. Water is mostly derived from the cup-like leaves of some of the more friendly cacti. It does rain here at a relatively normal rate, but the sandy soil seeps any excess moisture away in mere minutes. A large lake can be found at the border of the Snake Ridge Mountains, though its ownership has been disputed for generations and risking a drink there can lead to conflict.

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No New Posts Snake Ridge Mountains

Rising between the desert and the rainforest, this mountain range rises quite suddenly from the land around it, jagged and imposing. Initially, the climb seems daunting and unrewarding, as only simple, woody bushes will thrive there. However, as higher altitudes are reached, the spring that feeds the small river and the lake below makes itself known. Greenery grows alongside the large spring and its many small waterfalls, making this a wonderful place to live - most of the time. Winters are harsh on the peaks, forcing the inhabitants lower on the mountains where they have a much bigger challenge searching for grazing areas.

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No New Posts The Rainforest - Rainforest Herd

Though filled with various venomous plants and animals, as well as predatory dangers, the rainforest is the most hospitable land in the south. It stays humidly warm year-round, offering plenty of grazing, though hurricanes from the sea can quickly turn this often-rainy paradise into a deadly place.

High King: Amorado
High Queen:

3 4 Stranger (Promise/Open)
by > P r o m i s e <
May 19, 2021 22:19:51 GMT -5

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